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Unusual dogs names

Go on give us ideas..'no popular ones' PLEASE!

Bright blue means already have had a dog come in with or have a dog named or have used this one

Laughing As you already know, I love Bingo. It is very easy to call and the dog I had of that name was wonderful Laughing  update..Used converted into Mr Bing and Family adopted into Bingo!

I think Defur was the most groan-worthy and the strangest was Marmite, at least of the dogs I've met.
Met a white boxer once called Polo... dunno why, she didn't have a hole in the middle. Used thank you  Polo

Mildred. Maud. used Gus. Jaffa. Hazel. Dulcie.  Myrtle.

its not a dog but my friends cat was called banana!!

themes work quite well.

Bodie, Doyle, StarskyUsed Starsky Thank you, Hutch, Cagney Lacey, Dempsey Makepeace (perhaps not!)

Ash, Willow, Rowan Hazel,used Filbert (?) Bryony Ivy used

Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme Coriander Saffron

Jeeves Wooster Agatha Dahlia  
SharonR - Admin

Willow, Twizzle, Muppet, Badger, Woodstock, Chiquita, Bambi, Perdita, Muttly, Ebony, Storm, Moose, Midge, Cuddles, Mo, Snoopy (Snoop),  Floss, Purdy, Hooch, Gypsy, Magic, Serena & Tuppence

Used Woody Thank you

Laughing Figaro - try calling that without singing Exclamation I also love Madala (means old wise man in Bemba) and piccanin (or femimine piccaninni), means child in Bemba.

tennyson keats yeats wordsworth byron coleridge

rossetti whistler turner monet

pepys boswell

Chewbacca (thats my friends mastifs name)

BRINKS - (my friends English bull Mastiff is named after the Brinx Mat Robbery)

Laughing And for the family dog - Yu-gi -oh, Macca Pacca, Pikachu and the old favorite - Kipper Exclamation

Then Mario, Yoshi, Luigi , Toad, Sonic and Tails (all for the Nintendo generation Wink )
SharonR - Admin

Smurf, Darwin, Cinnamon, Pippin used, Armani, Dior used, Seymour, Shelby, Tootsie , Spyder, Rayne, Doe, Brie

Florence, Dylan and even maybe Zebedee?  Used Zebedee but from Kennel staffs imagination

Caleb, Gladys, Wilma,kestrel, plover,kite,peregrine

theres a reason dogs don't get given these names! Rolling Eyes
SharonR - Admin

Mozart, Beethoven dog came in with, Brahms, Haydn, Chopin and wait for it ... Bach & "Wag"ner!

Bridges, Bronte used, Chaucer, Dickens, Kipling, Shelley & Poe!

Frodo, India, Sprocket, Napoleon, Lancelot, Baxter, Mischief & "Bone"aparte!
Zack 'n' Me

A friend of mine had two staffies called Bonnie & Clyde

Merrily and Meriadoc
Demelza, Clowance, Megan, Myfanwy, Bethan, Elleri, Lowri
daffodil, violet, iris, rose, petunia ( I dare you!)
zephyr lotus, aston ferrari,ursula   Laughing   Laughing  Laughing
polka mazurka cotillion polonaise polo

prima, secondo, tertia,quarto, quinto sextus septimus octavio, nono decimus
SharonR - Admin

Rolo, Cadbury, Nugget, Lyle, Poppet, Niall, Crystal, Paws, Imp, Shrek, Bilbo, Peony, Sancho, Yoda, Hector, Huckleberry, Rigsby cant; bless him & Astra (means Star).

Frances, Ribbons, Flint, Minerva, Gaynor, Bones, Roberta, Gisela, Pace, Cinders, Thomina, Pepe, Saskia, Scarlet, Christy, Trotter, Harvey, Ginger & Peanut!

Noah, Titch, Mungo, Conny, Phyllis, Trixie, Mitchum, Innocence, Patience, Gretel, Hansel, came in with Pandora & Woody  used!!!!

Pebbles, Dino, Wilma, Fred, Barney & Bamm Bamm!

I adore traditional/old fashioned human names for dogs.

Iris used! would be a lovely name (mentioned above) - I love the idea of naming them after flowers. One of mine was called Rosa - Rosie, Rosie Posie and Rosie P.

I'd favour names like Florence (Florrie), Henrietta (Hetty), Constance (Connie) - I like eee sounds at the end for calling.

Maisie was nearly called Hetty - I got talked out of it by the children, who didn't like it Rolling Eyes

Amity, Belladonna, Crispin, Deuteronomy, Echo, Fingal, Gala, Hob, India, Jinksie, Karma, Leila, Morris, Nala, Oscar came in with, Prudence, Rupert, Serendipity, Tango, Unity, Vinni, Whimsey, Xenophon, Yolande, Zinnia

I hope you're taking notes, Lynne Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
SharonR - Admin

reclaimingrebus wrote:
OK,Sharon , I have to admit, if there's a theme there, I'm stumped Laughing  Laughing

No, no theme - blame the booze and the drugs!  Joking ... just as they came to me!

Millicent, Scooter, Misha, Disco, Tofu, Gizmo, Homer, Widget, Moet, Kahlua, Rio, Fritz, Boomer, Theo, Jocey, Ally, Novello & Matisse

Tofu used thank you

Millicent would be sweet - Millie for short!!! (TOOOOOOO popular!!!!)

Lola, (TOOOOOOO popular!!!!)
Mimosa and


When I was a child one of our poodles was called Popette and the other Cherie. My mother and brother called her Sherry and my father and I called her Cherry or Cherry-dog.  Cherry is a sweet name.
SharonR - Admin

Branston, Milo, Widget, Maggie, Nelson, Clifford, Tamsin, Kellogg, Gucci, Tramp, Mogwai, Gremlin & Wally

A friend of mine has 2 Chocolate labs called Tiger and lilly!!

my previous dog names,

childhood Lakeland terrier = Figgy
my two English bull = Angel and Lois
my Bassett = Tortie ( cause she looked like a tortoise when she put her head down)

Ace, Brock, Barkley, Bliss, Bracken, Bridie, Cricket ( small dog ), Cali, Darcey, Deanie, Echo, Fern, Hojo, Kayos, Kiyu, Kobi, Mojo, Nola, Rafe,  Tink, Tia.

Maisie was originally called Lola, but to my mind it's no name for a border collie (especially one as feisty and bull-headed as she is Rolling Eyes )

Amelia, Bartholomew,Claris, Davina,Eglantyne, Finnigan, Gigi,Happy,Inky,Jerome, Kola, Leonie, Misty,Niamh, Oprah, Priscilla, Rascal,Sienna,Temperance, UpsyDaisy, Vienna, Womble, ?, Yan Zulu
Tina D

Margot, Chewey, Lunar, Agnes, China, Faith, Hope, Doug,

I always wanted a dog Called "smeg" as I was a Red Dwarf fan but that is maybe not appropriate  Laughing

I also know a dog called "Oi" but that isn't a very nice name!
SharonR - Admin

OK, guess what I did on the train ...

Heiko, Chanel, Hugo, Dutch, Fiorelli, Calvin, Fendi, Givenchy, Versace, Yves, Anais, Bugsey, Britney, Bulgari, Boss, Barbie, Paloma, Paco, Picasso, Chantilly, Salvador, Dali, Lowry & Chantilly.

Pasha, Giorgio, Pearl, Lolita, Mario, Sofia, Scally, Kent, Joker, Jester, Tippy, Dusty, Rusty, Marcella, Whicker & Kizzy!

Linda and Denise  Exclamation   Exclamation   Exclamation   Rolling Eyes

but more seriously, I love old norse names and anything from mythology so how about
freya (bless x)
loki (love this name, tis my cousin's german shepherd rescue name, means mischief)
nanna (peter pan - so wendy too!!)

happy to post the supposed meanings for all if it helps you choose  Smile
SharonR - Admin

A couple of new ones from our Chelmsford fundraiser ... Tiffany & Drummer  :D
Pooch zzz

OK Chaps - here's a list of all our family dogs names - and none of them appear beforehand.....

ALKO - Dobermann (1954-1962) - my parents first child
AXEL - Bull/Box/Dobermann -only child of the above and my childhood buddy (1962-1974)
PIGGLES -Boxer (? - 1975) Rescued in Ceylon
DIMPY - Spitz (?- 197?) Rescued in Ceylon and left with a friend out there
JASON - also known as JOCK - Boxer (1974-1986) First English dog
CARRIE - Pug (1974-1989) Rescued at about 2 years old
HORUS & PORUS - Pug children of the above (both lived to 17!)

REUBIN - Dobermann Rescued at 11th hour PTS. (1983-1991) My first dog. Took him to Crete with me in 1990 and sadly died young from enlarged heart (genetic) Swore I would have nothing to do with 'pure-breds' again.
DYLAN - (1991- ?) already mentioned but this one was named after BOB! Rescued in Crete as a tiny tiny puppy. Sadly stolen from our house (with food bowls & bedding)- probably because he was fat, friendly and didn't look like a Pavement Pooch!
CHUBBY-CHOPS - (1992-2006 - poisoned) Rescued in Crete left tied up in a plastic bag in a public rubbish bin. Vet reckoned she was less than 2 weeks old.
JASPER, JILES, JEMMA, JODY, JESSIE - accidental children of CHUBBY. (Greek vets did not believe in neutering then!) Kept JASPER as he reminded me of Reubin (1994-200? - Stolen also) Kept JODY as she had a hernia (1994-now)Successfully rehomed the others.
ALDOUS HUXLEY - Terrier (very much alive but now re-homed by Lynne)
TILLY-BUBBA - JRT - Huxley's Ex-wife. Also Known as TILLY-MOUSE, MINI-MOUSE and MIN-PIN
ROSSI - 1st born son of Hux & Tilly (named after Valentino)
MAXIMUS-PODICUS - 4th born son of H&T (translated from the latin for LONG LEGS - coz they are! - Also answers to MAXI-MOUSE.

There's a host of cats too - but I'll do those in another post.

OK been thinking of more names - and a theme - how about names themed around the Oscars as all RR dogs should be recognised for their excellence.!!  Linda and Denise are the best prize I could ever have  Wink

(sean) Penn
Seymour (hoffman)
John Wayne (has to be in full for the old Duke!)



and classic hollywood actresses, who somehow need their full names!
Bette Davis
Gloria Swanson
Vivienne Leigh
Lillian Gish
Marlene Dietrich
Jean Harlow
Greta Garbo
Hedy Lamarr,
Ingrid Bergman,
Ginger Rogers,
Judy Garland,
Ava Gardner
Marilyn Monroe
Grace Kelly
Lana Turner
Elizabeth Taylor
Brigitte Bardot
Sophia Loren

I like the idea of the Hollywood actresses - that would certainly grasp peoples attention !
SharonR - Admin

josta wrote:
She sang there'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover, ring any bells?

I'm pretending I'm too young to remember  Laughing

Laughing Now if you'd said Lily Savage..... Sharon would have had no memory lapses...... Confused

Laughing  Laughing How funny - you have just named 3 of my son's school friends - and Henry and Toby are twins too Laughing

I also like Budgie - we once had a little dog called that for much the same reason John's Aunt's dog was called Cat Rolling Eyes

My one name at the mo is Sky.


Hmmm... my ferrets are called Lily,  Poppy and Rosie.

I had rats call Pippa Oscar, Henry, George , and Fatty (cos he was)

Ummmm... we have had dogs called Wellington, Digby, Daisy and Bumble - Old english sheepdogs.  

And a Irish Wolfhound called Murphy.

Seb's parent have had Otto's (doberman)

And Seb really wants to call Rhianna Mable or Myrtle.

Cant think of any more its too late!
Tina D

I have just heard of someone who has called their dog Hero  :D I have also heard of one called Thorn which I though was quite nice for a boy
Julia Baker

A few years ago during the foot and mouth outbreak I walked my dog at Beddington Park in Surrey because we weren't allowed to walk on my local heath. I met an elderly gentleman with his British bulldog. She was 10 years old, carrying a frisbee in her mouth and wearing a Union Jack bandana around her neck - what a character... and her name was Blighty! I have never met a more appropriately named dog before or since.
SharonR - Admin

Wooster, Jeeves, Brackett, Frizbi, Tarka, Smartie & Jenson

Imogen, Nushka, Olive, Promise, Summer, Toya & Twix

@katew - they are very special and you're right to be 'fond' of them  Wink

I know it's a long list but I'd like to add Hester...  (means star)

Hi , how about my " Django " named after Django Reinhardt the spanish gypsy/jazz guitarist.
SharonR - Admin

Puck, Brewster, Sable, Ermintrude, Bisto, Minstrel, Twizzle, Speedy & Twix

Duffy , Maggot .
SharonR - Admin

Hartley, Doc, Finlay, Quinn, Sherlock & Digger

Two of my dogs have prety unusual names.My Staffie x is Mookie,and the Boxer-ish boy is Bugly...short for Butt Ugly Laughing
Could have been worse he could have been called F-ugly :evil:
Shady is my other dog,I think I named him the least 'weirdly' than any of my other pets.
I used to have a Collie named Minstrel and 2 other Boxers named Boo and Wilma.(her dad was called Dino!)

What a difference, love, affection & food does,personally I would not of said he looked ugly, I would of said vicous, only because of his poor health & treatment. Just show's you, you never judge a book by it's cover. He look's Fab :D

we have allways had daft names  for our animals.heres a few of them

sosspot and richard  [E.B.T's]
moose and kevin [my babes]
winkle [e.b.t]
piggle pots [lab]
chop's [staffi x]
milo [staffi]
mable [collie x]
clive  and hagar [rotti's]

my boss has two lovely big G.S.D's called bizmark and rommel
and one of my sisters jrt's is called pants

I met a dog yesterday on the beach that was black, huge, and extremely masculine...his name Benicio after Benicio del Toro.
I could really see the resemblance.

In my childhood I had Barf (named by my dad. Slang for vomit as this dog always had food in his whiskers. My dad loved him !!!!!)
Pepe ( after pepe le peau) cause he stank when we found him dumped !
Pagan ( I got her on May Day)
Milo ( after the dog in the Mask)
China....named at the pound and just seemed right!
Genie (as in Genie in a bottle) because of the way she shot out into the garden the first time we let her out.
SharonR - Admin

Heard another couple this weekend ... plus a few more

MoJo (although the dog was at the vets and had just lost his!  Made me smile)!

Wilf, TJ (teejay), Corky, Lacey, Keekee, Bosley, Duffey, Hamlet and just because it was today ... Sunnie/Sonnie!

Best name I have heard lately is my friend's lovely puppy: [color=blue]Bindi[/color], so called because she was born with a tiny white mark on her forehead. Unfortunately as she grew, the mark moved further and further back, and now seems to have disappeared among the fur on her shoulders!

We used to have a x breed called Toffee. That's the name he came from Battersea with.  Embarassed
SharonR - Admin

Ummm Toffee is nice, but made me think of another ... Treacle!
SharonR - Admin

A few from the D for Dog walk last weekend plus a few extra ...

Barkley, Tan, Indie, Scrumpy, Potter & Coyote  :D

I'm on the F's, Flame, Fizz, Fenella  Rolling Eyes

I had a pure white springer spaniel called polo
SharonR - Admin

SharonR - Admin

Two names from our visit to the new site yesterday.  The owners dogs are Ginty & Sydney came in with.  :D

How about Sprocket..... after the dog from fraggle rock?
Or chupita  for small girl or chupito for small boy? Said choopita/o
Hope these help.

My rescue lurcher dog was called Freeway - I think the previous owners had named him after the dog on Hart to Hart when he was a puppy, but he grew rather larger than the original Freeway (dont know whether that is why they gave him away - but their loss was most definitely my gain).  He was a bearded collie/lurcher cross.  If I had a pair of male dogs, I would like to call them Phil & Grant.  I know its not a dog, but my cat is called Lulu - due to the fact that she is ginger (which the "real" Lulu was originally), when she was a kitten she all but drowned down the "loo" because a houseguest had left the seat up after being told not to and she was so mischieveous that she made me want to "shout".  My new puppy is called Bertie, but I would have quite liked to call him Dave - but I was outvoted!  I am glad now, because he is so much more like a Bertie than a Dave.

Harold Herman Ludwig Friedrich
jill and Che

I have six jack russell terrier crosses pepys (after samuel), pogle (he came from pogles wood), coronel pops, sir percival devere, paddy Mcguinty, and Cedric Mcginty. All great characters.

SharonR - Admin

SharonR - Admin

Met a very handsome long legged brindle Staffie with a white blaze on the station tonight.  He had the perfect heart shaped head.  And his name ... loved it ... DODGE!  :D

Since we've had a Bilbo what about Frodo, Merry and Pippin

As a 'person patiently waiting for her life to be able to accommodate a dog' I have quite a list of potentials for when the day comes that I can ask RR to match make a dog for me.
Until that time are these any use?

Mr Pickles
Biscuit or Fetchy...(tip - never ask a friend's 7 year old if she knows any good dog names)

If any of my names get attached to a dog I'll donate £10....per name  Wink Plus I'll do an extra walking shift though I need an excuse !
SharonR - Admin

Pooch zzz

V. I. Lenin
Boris Gourdounov
(All cats named by my Father - his first two were Moggy & Puddy and then he went Russian)
Carl Marx
Frederik Engels

Hans & Inga (mastifs)
Sally & Mungo (rotties)
Waldorf & Astoria (pugs )
Fluffters Mum

I called two of my foster dogs names that I really, really liked  and I had never ever heard of until a few weeks ago when I became friends with a lovely lady on Face Book the names were ZAZZY who was a JR and JING JING who was a Chow Chow. My friend on FB has a Chinese Crested called Jing. Our Chows new owners loved her name and kept it and gave her my Daughters B'day date  :D

Oh and my first dog was a Rottie and Female but I called her Zeus..LOL The reason behind that was that I used to house and dog sit a HUGE Rottie called Ceaser I loved him so much and told his family when I was old enough and got my own dog that it would be a Rottie and I would call it Zeus..LOL

I hope to re use Zazzy one day for a dog of my own.

We are dog sitting a dog called China Bear this weekend!!! How am I supposed to call that in the park???  Surprised  Laugh
Fluffters Mum

Olivia it will not be as bad as when I named a Collie kiss walking round the woods calling her..LOL Never heard of China Bear before.

Many years ago I was a Nannie for a family and and friend of the family had cat's called piddle and poo!


Obviously for me.... LEVI xxx

Three of my dogs now are called:
Lois, Sonny, Jasmine - Sonny was called Rizla

Three of mum's dogs are called;
Ziggy, Blake, Zena

Love the names:
Rueben, Elsie, Ivy, Niven (David), [color=blue]Krystal[/color], Roody, Marlene
SharonR - Admin

At the ONLY Paws & Horses event this weekend the Search & Rescue team had two dogs with interesting names ...

Nook (because he searches every nook & cranny)!


Nuzzle (because he is always nuzzling for a cuddle)!

The organisers Collie was called Flight!
SharonR - Admin

Sadly someone I know has lost their dear dog.  He had a fantastic name IMO ... Sherbert. RIP little boy, I hope his name lives on in his memory.

mine are curly as he's curly and noodle as her hair is noodley! bit sad and obvious but it suits them.

Jazzy, Cara, Rosie, Toula, Cyrus, Skyrah, Noodles, Soma, Rasputin, Bogart, Pippy, Coco, Ally Mcbeagle For a legal beagal  Laugh Chilli, Chevy, Kodi

lola after my Staffie lulu

florence/ flo, frodo, pogo, dudley, dingo, sidney, vegas, scoby,ripley, terra, raven
my favorite teddy

hope this helps.x
SharonR - Admin

Two Noah's ARC pups were born during a storm so were names Skye & Mallen (Irish for storm)

The other two arrived much later and were called Snoopy & Noodle  Smile

easy peasey if its for a second dog

I love 'Sherman' or 'Hank, for a chunky staffy boy and Letty (short for letitia) for a girlie.
SharonR - Admin

Love this for a brindle staff ... Hovis!

Tinga & Tucker (the two little bears!)

now we have our Hamlet we most definately need Ophelia  :D

Please don't call a dog Ophelia, if I ever have the urge to have a child then that's my favourite little girl name!

There was a Donna and a Blitz at the security kennels  Smile

actually Ophelia maybe a bit tragic Sad  ...... but I think a literary names could be a goer ...
little dorrit

We did a home check the other night for a GSD rescue based in Portsmouth for a lickle pup.
The lady passed with flying colours and is going to call her new  addition 'Sailor' as he comes from a Naval port. Just lovely!  :D
SharonR - Admin

All these name come from someone who uses their dog for Search & Rescue when people go missing via the police.  Amazing work.  Their dog had pups and these are the names:


Following the Skaksepearian theme...

ROMEO perfect for a lovely staffy boy.  :D

There's not really a theme (apart from a bit of a food one)...
Pickle, Branston, Twiglet, Milky, Rhubard, Custard, Bourbon, Bramble, Clarence,  Jazz, Chester, Casper, Billie, Billy, Oscar, Spencer, Warner, Jerry, Dougal, Misty, Lucy, Lilly, Saturn, Jasper, Chrystal, Mork & Mindy, Peanut, Scooby & Scrappy
SharonR - Admin

Joella,  Lorella, Jemima & Fenella
Justin, Austin&, Quentin Heston
Cyril, Bertha, Martha, Neville, Cecil & Cybil
SharonR - Admin

Cynthia! (Jilly would love it if we used this one  Wink )
SharonR - Admin

Heaven & Betsy (from the expression Heavens to Betsy - Meaning "A mild exclamation of surprise".

Wordsworth for a chatty Staffie!

Queenie for the Jubilee!

Kelis and Dita



ruuth wrote:
Sergeant (sarge)

I was only chatting about the fact that there are far less dogs with military type names now. I'm 32 and when I was a kid (in the 80's) every other dog was called Captain, Colonel, Sarge, Soldier, Major and the like. Came about because Tizer's current nickname is 'Ball-finder General' (keep losing their chuckit's in the long grass).
SharonR - Admin

Contessa has the soft ring of nobility!  Smile
SharonR - Admin

Heinz for a crossbreed.

Basil & Parsley.
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